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"Empowering Youth"

The E-House help youth successfully transition into adulthood through project-based learning programs designed to build competitive 21st Century skills.

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The eHouse Social Enterprise

The eHouse is a Group of Local Technology, Business and Education Entrepreneurs Serving Young Adults. We created The eHouse as a Social Enterprise to serve Delaware and nearby area’s young…

Learning Programs

Programs Designed to Connect Young People to the Workforce and Improve Our Economic Future. First, we provide resources to help improve/enhance the Technology Literacy skills of young people and adults through…

Business Services

Become a Strategic Local Partner and Help Improve the Unemployment Rate of Young Adults in Our Community.  Your business helps fund programs designed to give young adults the skills they need to successfully enter…


Our goal is to use technology as the primary tool to help young people become successful adults, encouraging all who participate in our programs to improve their proficiency and knowledge of technology as a tool and resource to help build skills that empowers each to become more competitive and productive in a 21st Century global marketplace.



We encourage youth never to stop learning…

If you are between the ages of 16-24 and have challenges in school or have dropped out of school and are having difficulties employment because you lack certain skills, training or academic credentials we have a few opportunities for you!



Convergence and Blended Learning...

Technology innovations have had a tremendous influence on the way we teach and learn. Effective teachers understand the value and importance of integrating technology into curriculums and pedagogical styles.



Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of the U.S. economy.

Research shows that there is a growing trend in our country to encourage entrepreneurship. Investments are being made every day in start-up enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures. As we work to create jobs and work opportunities for our program…



Connecting Teens and Young Adults to Work Opportunities…

A large percentage of youth have not thought about the type of job or career opportunity they would pursue after completing High School and we understand that not everyone will have an opportunity and or the desire to attend college or university to prepare…