We encourage youth never to stop learning…

If you are between the ages of 16-24 and have challenges in school or have dropped out of school and are having difficulties employment because you lack certain skills, training or academic credentials we have a few opportunities for you!

The E-House is a community-based education technology innovation center offering programs, services and workshops designed to help older youth and young adults strengthen academic and vocational skills in a non-traditional school setting. Through project-based instruction we help young people improve core academic skills while teaching new skills in the fields of business, digital marketing, creative services, multimedia, information technology and telecommunications.

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Enroll and…

  • Learn new skills that will equip you to be more competitive in the job market
  • Discover occupational fields that inspire and encourage you to pursue
  • Prepare academically to attain a high school credential if needed
  • Let us help you reach higher education goals and pursue opportunities to attend Community and 4-Year College programs.
  • Find intern, co-op and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Get on your feet and prepared to compete.

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