Convergence and Blended Learning

Technology innovations have had a tremendous influence on the way we teach and learn. Effective teachers understand the value and importance of integrating technology into curriculums and pedagogical styles. Today’s student has access to multiple mediums from which to learn including online resources, printed books and lectures.

The E-House recognizes the importance of being a technology savvy teacher as well as student. Our mission is to embrace this ideal and diligently work to improve the technology literacy skills of our youth as well as those of adults and others who are responsible for teaching and equipping the next generation to successfully compete globally in the 21st Century.

Our programs and workshops are designed to train both youth and adults

We offer basic skill training through to advanced with the minimum goal of teaching our students…

  • How to use Microsoft Office products
  • How to use Adobe Suites products
  • How to build and manage databases
  • How to design and build a website
  • How to create and manage social media sites
  • Content management strategies for web and social media sites
  • Video and Film Production
  • Photography
  • Mobile Technology
  • App Development

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