About The e-House

We believe that every youth should possess four critical skills in order to successfully transition into adulthood inclusive of (1) intellectual, (2) vocational, (3) social and (4) financial.  Education is the key to learning and mastering each of these skills. But far too many of our young people are struggling to excel in many of these areas…we want to help them. Our goal is to improve school dropout rates and reduce unemployment among the older youth population. The e-House helps older youth (ages 16-24) develop, build and strengthen relevant skills outside of traditional school or classroom settings through project-based programs that also offer them opportunities to work and earn real wages.

Who We Are

We are a group of technology, business, and education entrepreneurs with a purpose of transforming the lives of older youth and young adults through project-based technology education and workforce development training programs.

Our work is collaborative in nature and we believe that an important part of the mission is to join with other community leaders, business, education, government and nonprofits, working together with young people to empower as many as possible to achieve academic, economic and social goals that help them build strong, viable communities where they live, work and play.

The e-House primarily serves older youth and particularly those who are disadvantaged living throughout the various communities of New Castle County, Delaware, Delaware County Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia. We provide technology resources in underutilized spaces and underserved communities where young people have not traditionally been able to gain access to programs, services and work opportunities that have the greatest impact on their life.

Our Vision


We envision transforming the lives of a diverse generation of people that are empowered through the use of technology to build skills that help them become productive members of society.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide technology resources and programs in underutilized spaces and underserved communities where young people are able to gain access to programs, services and work opportunities that that help them achieve a better quality of life.

Leardership team

The e-house has adopted a new leadership model as part of our restructure. Our senior leadership team will primarily consist of business, technology, education and social service executives who are leaders of their own organizations, but have agreed to partner with our executive to plan and set the strategic vision for programs and services that can be developed and delivered collaboratively in a way that holistically addresses the needs of diverse client population groups.


Rev. Maurice L. Butler

President and CEO

Valerie Brown-Baul

Chief Youth Development Partner

Cicely Everson

Chief Leadership/Wellness Partner

William Shahan

Chief Workforce Development Partner (Technology)

Board Members

Our two-tiered board structure consists of members who serve as Directors and others as Advisors. The Board of Directors are responsible for the overall governance of the agency while the Board of Advisors are representatives from various community-based organizations from both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors who are willing to share expertise, resources and advise in support of specific programs and or service areas.

Derrick SouthardCrop

Derrick Southard


Michelle Arrington


Pedro Moore


Raul Davis

Nelson, Maesah

M. Daniel Nelson


Matthew Jenkins


Richelle Payne


Matthew Bader