Why We Do It

Youth on WallStreet_why we do it

Millions of youth lack the literacy skills needed to succeed in post secondary education and the workplace, and the trajectory of achievement in secondary schools for struggling, reluctant, or English language learners point to this as a continuing need. Technology is believed to be a tremendous benefit to differentiating instruction and supporting learners’ success with literacy tasks and career training. The for-fee services we offer help fund programs that train youth how to productively use technology to not only improve academic, social and vocational skills, but they also provide opportunities for involving young people in projects that empower and prepare them for the workforce as future social entrepreneurs, technologist and skilled practitioners equipped to enter a competitive and global marketplace.

We believe that project-based technology programs should be made available to youth in the communities and neighborhoods in which they live, work and play. This access will not only lead to good job opportunities, but also ensure that young people continue their education and become better prepared when attending school as a result of having addition resources to help them learn closer to home.

The e-House establishes technology programs in underutilized community spaces such as churches, community centers, commercial buildings and other facilities capable of supporting this type of resource. Projects are pursued to ensure that more young people have greater access to work opportunities close to home and more organizations have access to affordable services that will benefit them and their staff in so many powerful and unique ways.

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