What We Do

The e-House

First, we provide resources to help improve/enhance the Technology Literacy skills of young
people and adults through project-based learning programs and workshop opportunities.

Second, we help small organizations expand their marketing, technology and creative services
capacity in support of administrative, prorgram/operations and outreach functions while deploying a diverse mix of professional service resources as virtual or augmented staff capable
of delivering a host of multimedia and marketing technology services.

The e-House offers technology and creative services to support the marketing communications,
information technology and outreach needs of the varied organizations we serve. Our services are provided at highly competitive market rates and 70% of the profits are used to help fund the development and delivery of our various youth and workforce development programs.

In partnership with local technology entrepreneurs and professionals, we solicit prospective
customers to engage us to work on projects that help our youth learn more about an industry
or organization.

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